Hello and thank you for visiting! This website represents some of my favorite work and the new directions my photography has taken over the past few years.

I have always been fascinated by nature. I wonder at its beauty, simplicity and complexity.  I love the adventure that comes with searching for, and finding, subjects. I aim to capture the essence of my subjects or surroundings: the feelings I experience when they first catch my eye, and the details that often go unnoticed. I want my work to inspire people to look beyond first impressions and see the unlimited beauty of our natural world.

I find joy in traveling to, and photographing, beautiful locations. I have developed Lori Diemer Photo Tours, LLC., so I may share that passion with fellow photographers. My photo tours are relaxed, fun, and planned to be at the selected locations at the right time of year. I share my knowledge and experience with my clients so they may capture and bring home memorable images.